Day 12: The Soul Lives On

Monument GrandparentsOne of the traditions during this season is to visit the burial places of our loved ones. Yesterday, I visited the graves of my grandfather, Harry Umansky, my great great grandparents, Etta and Eli Glass and my paternal grandparents David and Johanna Cohen of blessed memories. The afternoon was extra special as I was joined by Elisheva who drove on what she described as a mitzvah mission.

What is the significance of a visit in general and why during this season?

A cemetery is called a land of the living. A body dies but a soul, the real you, lives on forever. The extent of our eternality depends on the impact of our actions while united body and soul.

The more people we touch in this world, the more we live eternally. There is no more significant message during this season of personal introspection. We do not live for the here and now but we build eternity every day. When visiting a gravesite, reflect on the inscription on the tombstone. Our lives are summed up in few words. What would you like written? Why? How can you embody the best you today?

My grandfather’s tombstone reads – A man of faith and truth. My grandmother’s inscription reads – a woman of valor and the crown of her husband. They passed away within six months of each other in 1975. However, their legacy lives on in me, our familes and so many more. May the merit of Harry Umansky, Etta and Eli Glass and David and Johanna Cohen be a source of great blessing and may we all be to lead the lives now for how we want to be remembered.

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