Day 2: Sing Your Song

Yesterday, we reflected on seizing meditative moments to tap into a higher life frequency  and reveal your best self. How did it go? If you were not able to, take the time today for reflection. If not now, when? Ask yourself, what gives you the greatest joy? When does your soul sing?

This past week, I spoke in Washington DC on behalf of the AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign about leading a life of legacy. Each participant reflected briefly on their best day and best self. One person shared, “The best day of my life was when I married my wife, when my children were born and a day when I advocate for Israel.” I smiled and asked him whether his soul was singing when he voiced his support for Israel. He responded yes. I let him know that our souls sing when we are doing in life what we know deep down we should be doing. Our souls sing when we live in sync with our deepest aspirations. The feeling of joy warms us inside for we know our deeds reflect our destiny.

When does your soul sing? Take a few minutes to answer the question.

During these 18 days, allot time every day to singing your song. The universe and G-d will hear the mystical music and you and the world will be elevated and enriched forever.

For more about Singing Your Song – check out my blog on the Huffington Post entitled “The Number One Hit Song of the Summer”.

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