Day 3: Device or Divine?

Macintosh, Gala, an iPhone 6 or one with honey?

What kind of apple are you waiting for this year?

This morning I pondered this question when I saw dozens of people outside the Verizon store awaiting the opportunity to purchase the new Apple iPhone. Is the new technology worth losing sleep over? What do we wake up early for?

Do we run for a new device or for the Divine? Do we pursue counterfeit pleasures or real ones?

This question resonates during this season. We are guided to arise early in the morning for penitential prayers. I look forward our Sound on the Sound service at sunrise this Sunday at the cove in Stamford. It is not easy to get out of bed after a late Saturday night but without fail the moment the sun rises as I gaze out onto the waters engaged in heartfelt prayers to G-d and hearing the sound of the Shofar highlights my year. My enduring joy greatly outweighs my loss of sleep. My soul is awakened.

As the mystics teach there are two kinds of people – both are running in life. One chases the temporal and the other the eternal.

Who are you?

Wishing you and your families a Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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One Response to Day 3: Device or Divine?

  1. rutimizrachi says:

    Good reminder. It is certainly easier to get out of bed for the temporal… but obviously more rewarding when I drag myself out for the spiritual. Working hard on this each day…

    And then there are things that walk the line between the temporal and the spiritual, like exercise. Hard to do. But we learn that taking good care of the “horse” is also part of our tafkid.

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