Day 5: Develop a Personal Mission Statement

The following questions will help you focus on your life purpose and realizing your potential. They can be used as points for reflection during the holiday period or in preparation for a spiritual evaluation with Rabbi Cohen or another mentor in your life.

  1. When and where do you feel most free?
  2. What are you openly passionate about? What may be a hidden passion?
  3. What brings you happiness?
  4. What are five adjectives that describe you at your best?
  5. What challenges have you faced this past year and how did you deal with them?
  6. What are some of your G-d given gifts?
  7. Which areas of your life would you like to see improvement this coming year? Be specific.
  8. What are the most influential relationships in your life?
  9. What were your greatest accomplishments from this past year?
  10. Where do you feel called to contribute to the world at this time?
  11. If you had all the time and money you needed, what would you cultivate in yourself, your life, your world?
  12. What would you like to be remembered?
  13. Describe Your Ideal Day
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  1. rutimizrachi says:

    Wow! That was fun! Thank you!

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