Day 6: Waking Up Early for God

2014-09-21 08.26.38Yesterday, we enjoyed a sunrise service at the cove to welcome the season. Thank you to everyone who awoke early. The bodies may have been tired but the souls were inspired. Thank you, Danette Meigel for the photo. Guess who came… our Elijah from last year. He is in white… what would you expect. He let us know he has been thinking about us for the past few weeks. He was thrilled to join the mishpacha.

Every day is a gift and every day is infused with the opportunity to serve God. When you wake up tomorrow morning, ask yourself, what can I do today to bring glory to God? It is not only enough to declare our belief in God but also to declare his belief in us to be his partners to amplify the Divine in the world.

To learn more, see my post on 12 Seconds to a Better You.

May we all be blessed with a year of awakenings of the spirit in health and joy for the coming year.

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