Join the Journey: 18 Days to a Better You – Wednesday, September 17th – Shabbat, October 4th

18 days to a better you! 2014Welcome to this year’s edition of 40 Days to a Better You!

In anticipation of the upcoming high holidays, we are launching “18 Days to a Better You!” Moses enjoins the Jewish people in his final days to choose life. Who would not opt for life when given a choice? Yet, Moses is clearly alluding to much more. It is possible for us to live without truly being alive. God endowed each of us with a soul and unique capacity to lead a life of deep fulfillment and legacy. This season offers a road map and opportunity for a spiritual awakening. The next month can pass us by or we can choose life – LeChaim and seize the moment and embrace the message. Sign up to receive 18 days of inspirational message beginning September 17th through Yom Kippur, October 4th.

Our achievements and fulfillment in life emerge from the choices we make every day. When we measure our lives, too often we ask ourselves “Where has the time gone?” We ponder – What if and Why not? The happiest moments in our lives are when we sense deep inside that our inner lives, our souls and our actions are aligned. We rejoice when we maximize each day to its fullest. Too often, as Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” The eighteen days prior to Yom Kippur are a gift to unlock the song inside each and every person.

One of the great mystics taught that we do not only possess a life mission but a daily mission. We are destined to achieve greatness and fulfill a unique purpose today that we could not have done yesterday nor will we will be able to do tomorrow. The Torah teaches: “See I have given before you TODAY the choice of Life or Death”.

If not now, when? The website 40 Days to a Better You will enable you to find new ways to enlighten your life and maximize your G-d given potential on earth. Open your eyes give thanks to G-d for every breath and seize the moment to insure that this High Holiday season we unlock the song residing in each and every one of us.

 Mining for Gold: Essays Exploring the Relevancy of Torah in the Modern WorldWishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

[You can also find Rabbi Cohen at The Huffington Post, his Facebook Page or his website.

Mining for Gold: Essays Exploring the Relevancy of Torah in the Modern World

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