HELP!!! AllDayChemist No Longer Accepts Visa Payments...

I didn't fill any form echeck online, they called me and that is how I exchanged the information. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It certainly would be a aoldaychemist way to pay and like you said, what's a few more days? Thank you for stating that you do pay echeck e-check as once we fill out the online form, we have no idea where the info really goes alldaychemisf how it is stored. What was good in the past may not be good now. This is why i bought 10 montha ago. I use the Careprost for lash enhancement. Dec 28, 5. Okay, ADC site is up and running, but Alldaychemist can't find a way to pay with a credit card. They use a 3rd party for that part of the transaction. All Day Chemist Changed payment method? Wish they had a discount now! I recently used inhousepharmacy. This is the email I received from them just this morning, so if their site is up, I'm shocked since the email says days, echeck alldaychemist. Visa said hell to the naw. Message 28 of 67 Views. I was going to order some in a month or two cause I'm on my last tube. Also, I just tried contacting them at the email provide on the main page Allxaychemist is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. I got the same email alldaychemist you did. Had a problem years ago and think it was ADC so I pay by money order.

I'm still hoping that ADC will get themselves together so I can order from them in the future. Alldaychemidt 28, 4. Odd that they say alldaychemist are not associated with any other website as this is their sister site https: Dec 28, 9. I've been echeck to find a trusted site that doesn't need a prescription and accepts credit cards. I was going to order some in a month or echeck cause I'm on my last tube. And you have to alldaychemist through a Derm so that's more money out your pocket What about paypal? Saturday they sent me an email with a link to where I could pay with CC. BeautyAddiction So do you physically send an order form and money order to their address in India? This is what happens when a large amount of people report credit card fraud linked to that site. If anyone is doing a lot of ordering from overseas you have to be very careful. For instance most of the sites that people order low cost slldaychemist from are usually only in business for a short time.

Echeck alldaychemist

May 29, I order once a year for the whole year. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. The would be thieves alldychemist unable to do their dirty work only because my credit card companies were on the ball. This all started with an order I aalldaychemist online on Friday. Delete a post I use ADC and echek by money order. It's too expensive to get them refilled at a drug store. All rights reserved Trademark Notice. Okay, ADC site is alldaychemist and running, but I can't find a echeck to pay with a credit card. Clinic clear Posted By 2lightforyou. Dec 28, 8. If you do a search ececk what is the safest method of payment to use if you are not familar with a seller, I think you would alldaychemist it benefical. I left an echeck message on their Chat system giving the order number and stated that I wanted to pay by credit card. Dec 28, 5. Did you try calling them? Dec 28, 6. Just this year both my L.

Mysteriously my bank denied payment according to ADC's email this morning. It's just an example of what's out there. It's too expensive to get them refilled at a drug store. Message 22 of 67 Views. Dec 31, Does anyone have an account with them already? I have used Renova since it's inception many years ago but have been using retin-a cream. Alldaycgemist 28, 6. Good luck to all of you!!! And you have to go through a Derm so that's more money out your pocket What about paypal? Dec 28, 9. Message 23 of 67 Views.

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