Special Chanukah Edition of 40 Days to a Better You

Light the World and Ignite Your Soul during the Eight Days of Chanukah!

Eight Nights of Chanukah from Wednesday, December 21st – Wednesday, December 28th.

You are about to embark on the journey of Eight Days to a Better You for Chanukah. Are you ready? Chanukah begins Tuesday evening. I am sure we have plans for eating latkes, spinning dreidels, attending Chanukah parties and of course lighting the chanukiah (the menorah). However, the festival offers much more and can transform our lives.

Tomorrow night, we enter a zone for growth. The next eight days possess touchstones for greatness and tools for soul development. How can we experience miracles today? What is the secret of Jewish identity? How can Chanukah inspire us to achieve our personal best? How can Chanukah enrich our relationships and deepen our happiness?

Our holidays are not merely commemorations of historical events but opportunities to access a higher purpose in life. Join me on the journey and share your gifts of light after each post. Please share this email and encourage your friends to sign up for the Eight Days to a Better You:

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