The Eighth Flame: Your Flame!

Which one of the flames will you carry with you beyond Chanukah?

Will it be the flame of Jewish identity or gratitude? Will it be the flame of courage or Torah?

It is no wonder the eighth day is described as the essence of the holiday. The number seven signifies the natural world but eight symbolizes the world beyond. We tend to move from one day to the next and fondly reminisce about life. However, the eighth day beckons us to reflect on the impact of the holiday on our lives and guarantee the vibrancy and vitality of our experience. The holidays are rallying points to propel us to supernatural spiritual heights.

This coming Shabbat, how will you be a different person from before Chanukah? How has Chanukah been through you?

Reflect tonight on your gift from the holiday.

How will I keep the flame alive? My inspiration emerges from the symbolism of the lights of Chanukah as sparks of the soul. We each possess a light from Above which can never be extinguished. Metaphorically, the jar of pure olive oil discovered on Chanukah and m miraculously burning for eight days signifies our infinite potential for growth.

My days spent in Yeshiva in Israel touched my desire to deepen my passion for intensive Torah learning. Seeing members of our shul and my daughter living the “conversation” of Torah motivates me to find new ways to connect to Torah as a path for life. Am I maximizing my potential?

When I spend time with my children, am I fueling their love of Torah and enabling them to become their best?

I pray that this Chanukah I can draw on the fire of the Menorah to ignite my soul and spread the light to my family and community.

In less than 48 hours, the holiday will end. What flame will you take with you?

Thank you for joining the journey of 8 Days to a Better You!

Stay in touch and keep the flame alive!

Happy Chanukah,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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