The Sixth Flame: The Flame of Continuity

In memory of my mother, Sara Malka bat Aharon Avraham Halevi

As I lit the Chanukah candles this past Shabbat, I was surrounded by my wife, daughters, sister and her family and my brother. I reflected on our time as children lighting in Atlanta and the influence of my parents. The positive experience of those flames created memories living in me today and in turn inspire me to create memories of my own.

My mother’s memory lives in my hearts through the sparks of her soul I integrate into my life. Each one of us can remember a loved one who guides us.

On Chanukah night, we draw on the heroism of the Maccabees. The lights of the Menorah beckon us to embody their passion for Torah living, belief in G-d, and courageous leadership.

The lights of the menorah, though, also remind us to ask ourselves how we will be remembered in the future. What sparks do we ignite in our children? What can we do to insure our continuity? What memories so we create?

On every night of Chanukah, we symbolically receive the inspiration of the past through the shamash (a lit candle) but recite a new blessing of lighting the Chanukiah as a call to fuel the future.

Be kindled from our history. Ignite our future. We are the flames who serve as the bridge between generations.

Our ancestors live through us. Who lives through you? Is it a grandparent, a parent or a dear friend? How do you carry their flame?

Wishing you and your families a happy Chanukah!

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