The Fifth Flame: The Inner Flame – A Meditation

Take some time to meditate on the flames as they burn tonight.

Gaze at them. Do not think about the future or worry about what you are doing next. Be in the moment.

Imagine that G-d is looking down at you with a smile. What about the flame fascinates you?

The soul is the flame within us. The fire of the chanukiah fuels our inner flame.

Close your eyes and sit quietly. Open your eyes. Imagine yourself as Moses at the burning bush and G-d calls to you… What do you hear?

I received the following insight from a participant in 8 Days to a Better You:

“To me the flame represents our life. It represents the things we havelived through-the happy times, the sad times and the challenges we had to face. It is so important to keep that flame burning as we pass it along to the next generation. They, in turn, will pass it on so the next generation can benefit from the experiences of their forefathers.”

If one person breaks that chain and does not share their past stories, those special memories will die like the candle burning down. We must keep that flame alive and kindle another person’s light.

What does the flame signify to you? Share your inspiration on this post and illuminate your life!

Keep the flame alive,

Rabbi Cohen

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