Day 36: Mission Possible

Most people know that the first man to break the four minute mile was Rodger Bannister.

However, before he broke the record, physiologists and doctors believed it was impossible for a human to break the barrier.

An amazing this happened. For years nobody could run a mile under four minutes but as soon as Roger Bannister broke the record, within six months, dozens of people joined his company.

Barriers to change are most often in our heads and not in our hearts.

Over thirty days ago, each of us aspired to become the best we could be and improve our relationships for the coming year. Now is the time for Mission Possible.

On Rosh Hashanah, G-d renewed his faith in us and re energized the world with his love. The beginning of the Jewish New Year infuses each person with a sense of purpose in the world. No better time exists for us to concretize our mission for the year.

These ten days provide a unique opportunity to develop a spiritual game plan for the year.

1. What three goals do you want to accomplish this year in life, work or family?
2. How do you plan on implementing your dreams?
3. How will you feel when you accomplish your goals?

Write down your answers and use them as your guide for the new year.

Growth happens one day at a time.

Remember that your attitude determines your altitude. In the days leading up to the holiest day of the year, G-d reaches our to us and gives us the extra boost to break down the barriers to change in our lives. Now is time time for us to meet G-d halfway.

With blessings for the confidence to live your mission and dream,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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