Day 39: Long Distance Blessing

Last night, I spoke to my daughter, Sara Malka, who is studying in Israel for the year. On the eve of Yom Kippur, I offered her a blessing. Yesterday, I shared my first long distance blessing. Sara Malka told me she placed her hand on her head so she could feel as if she were at home and asked me for the bracha.

On Yom Kippur, I offer you the blessing I shared with her. The dreams encapsulates our spiritual vision for the future.

May it be your will G-d that you grant us and all Israel a good and long life; that you make our households complete. Privilege us to raise children and grandchildren who are wise and understanding, who love and fear G-d, people of truth, holy offspring, attached to G-d who illuminate the world with Torah and good deeds. Cause our light to illuminate and not be extinguished forever.

This morning, I called my father in Israel and he shared with me his blessings. The circle is complete but G-d willing endures for many generations.

Wishing you an easy and meaningful fast and the fulfillment of all of your heartfelt aspirations for the good.

With blessings,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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