Day 35: Miracle Monday

Why is this Monday different from any other Monday during the year?

The answer has nothing to do with Passover.

Rather, Judaism teaches that this is the first Monday of the New Year and embedded in the day is the capacity to influence all other Mondays during the year.

Imagine this week as your soul being re-formed with new spiritual genetic material. While in uterus, the slightest change to the body impacts the future growth of a child. A slight bump during the formative stages of an embryo influences and shapes the future much more than the same bump to a toddler.

You possess the ability to design the tenor and texture of future Mondays. Particularly, the first day of the work week comes with unique challenges. It is hard to get motivated. What can you do to seize the day with a positive attitude? What actions can you do today and every Monday to transform the day into an energizer for your week spiritually and physically?

One additional word in our prayers during the first week of the year alludes to the unique power of this time to affect our future. During the Kaddish we add the word “leelah” – to elevate. Normally, we recite the word once in each Kaddish but during the first ten days of the year we recite the word twice. This week offers infinite possibilities to elevate our lives not only today but the entire year.

Choose a new mitzvah for the year. Offer an additional prayer. Commit to a kind deed every Monday.

G-d will help you concretize your efforts into a permanent change in your life.

Transform today into a Miracle Monday!

With blessings,
Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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