Day 37: A 9/11 Reflection from Starbucks

I walked out this morning around 8:30 AM. As I got into my car, I overheard a brief comment on the radio from a NYC police officer. He was touched when a woman today gave him 20 dollars and thanked him for his service to the city. The impetus came from the anniversary of 9/11 – a moment in time when our nation united and expressed deep appreciation to all those in uniform who serve and protect us.

I suddenly felt the urge to park my car and go back to Starbucks. I have always heard about the random acts of kindness and tried a few times but it seemed today would be a good day – in commemoration of 9/11. I went back into the store and handed the cashier a few dollars and asked her to pay for the next person on line as reminder of the spirit of kindness and unity that emerged after 9/11.

The person on line was grateful and surprised. He told me he was down at Ground Zero on 9/11. He shared with me that he was retired NYC police officer. He had gotten home at 8 AM from an overnight shift and when the planes hit the towers he was called back down.

We reminisced about the moment but both expressed the hope that we could not only commemorate the day but harness the memory to foster a greater sense of appreciation for all who serve our communities and nation.

I got back in my car, listened to the moment of silence at 8:46 and knew that no act of kindness enters a void. One gift to a police officer in NYC broadcast on CBS 880 was heard in Stamford and spurred an act of kindness to a retired NYPD officer in my town.

May the memories those who died be for a blessing and spur each of us to fight the darkness with more light.

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