Day 5: G-d is in the Stands!

Do you have a cheerleader who motivates you to be the best you can be?  Who assumed that role in your life as a child and who assumes the role for you today?

We all need some positive reinforcement and a boost of energy.  Home field advantage in a sports game truly makes a difference in a game’s outcome.  Having people rooting for us whether in a game, work or home, lifts up our spirits and improves our performance.

During the month of Elul and the forty days prior to Yom Kippur, we recite Psalm 27 once in the morning and once at night.  The words of King David always inspire us but what is the unique message of this Psalm for this time of year?

40 Days to a Better You is about reconnecting with G-d in your life.  The energy of this period of time infuses us with thoughts of change, renewal and a new lease on our lives. Even when we may feel down or despondent, G-d shares his love and offers us a second chance to begin again. He cheers us on!

One of the key phrases authored by Kind David states:  “Even if my mother and father have abandoned me, G-d will gather me in”. The concluding lines focus on our prayer for G-d to renew our faith and our strength.

In fact, the spirit of the Psalm is captured in the last phrase of the Modeh Ani which affirms not only our belief in G-d, but that G-d believes in us.

My brother, Elie, recently shared a story with me about an amazing run at the U.S. open by Jimmy Connors. At 39, everyone assumed he was over the hill, incapable of victory. Yet, he won a number of matches to everyone’s surprise and lost in the semifinals. When asked how he overcame the odds, he responded, “When you hear 30,000 people cheering, ‘Jimmy, Jimmy, how can you not be lifted? How can you not respond?”

If 30,000 screaming fans are enough to lift a 39 year old tennis player, how much more can a cheer from G-d boost us to new heights?

Recite Psalm 27 every morning and every night.  Mediate on the Modeh Ani.  Share your appreciation with someone in your life who lifts you up.  Give a boost to a friend.  We are all on the same team.  G-d cheers us on every morning and every night and together we can provide the spark to lift us all to be the best we can be.

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2 Responses to Day 5: G-d is in the Stands!

  1. Rochelle Senker aka Shelley says:

    My mother and my husband are my cheerleaders…. and most of all i cheer myself as i go through life…. I try to be my own best friend.

  2. Rabbi Cohen says:

    Thanks for sharing! Your thoughts are inspiring and remind me of the role of my parents and wife in my life. Although my mother passed away over 20 years ago, her presence energizes and guides me every day.

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