Forty Days of Prayer

The forty days of prior to Yom Kippur are infused with G-d’s love and mercy. This period is an especially opportune time to ask for a speedy recovery for a loved one or any other wish or prayer. At our synagogue, we offer prayers for people during the reading of the Torah three times during the week. If you would like to include a name, please send your information to rabbicohen40days at or fill out the form below.



3 Responses to Forty Days of Prayer

  1. Lorraine Kweskin says:

    What a fabulous website! The opening picture is breathtaking! Thank you for doing this and to adding spirituality of the next 40 days! Hmm, 40 days could turn into 80, 120!

  2. Rabbi Cohen says:

    Thank you Lorraine for your positive feedback. You are on target – 40, 80, 120.. Please spread the word and see you soon. All the best!

  3. Rabbi Cohen says:

    Thank you very much! Keep up the momentum! Please post a recipe for our Taste of the High Holdiays. I know you are a great hostess. All the best!

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