The Countdown Begins

Tonight we begin the holiday of Passover after days of preparation BUT the countdown is about to begin. This Tuesday evening, the second seder night, we start the counting of the Omer. We begin with Day one and end 49 days later on the celebration of Shavout, May  15th.

Why do we count these days?

The answer emerges from the words of Moses we often forget. When Moses beseeches G-d, “Let my people go”, he added “so that they should serve me”. G-d brought the Jewish people out of Egypt to give them the Torah at Mount Sinai. Freedom from slavery is not nearly as important as freedom for a higher purpose.

We count the days leading up to Shavout, the holiday celebrating the Revelation at Sinai, to begin the process of personal development. It is possible to be physically liberated but spiritual enslaved. Are we enslaved to our jobs and passions? Do we live with purpose and
maximize the best of our being?

Every day is an opportunity to focus on an aspect of our character traits. Every day is a gift for growth.

One of the best tools for making the days count is from Rabbi Simon Jacobson. Each day you will receive a meaningful message.

Here is the link – What is the counting of the Omer?

Thanks for joining the journey of the Four days of Freedom.

Wishing a happy and healthy holiday and joyous Pesach!

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