Four Freedoms

We are embarking on the four days of Freedom in preparation of Passover.

The number four appears frequently during the Seder night. There are four questions, four cups of wine and four children. Why?

The significance of the number four derives from the very beginning of the process of redemption. The Jews are enslaved in Egypt for 210 years and G-d appears to Moses and promises him redemption in four expressions. It states in Exodus that the Almighty will relieve the Jewish people of their suffering, rescue them from Egypt, redeem them at the Sea and take them as his People at Sinai.

Each expression reflects a new stage in the liberation. Freedom is a process…over time.. and touches different dimensions of our lives. When we celebrate Passover in a few days, we are given the opportunity to not only remember our history but reignite our future.

The four expressions are four calls to freedom:

Freedom from Suffering:
How do we relieve the burdens of others in our families, communities and the world?

Freedom of Belief: Do we exercise our faith freely? Do our actions embody a pride in being Jewish?

Freedom to Celebrate: How appreciative are we of our blessings? Do we joyously cherish every day?

Freedom of Purpose: Do we explore how the Torah guides our lives? Is the Torah an anchor for our values and vision?

Reflect on the Four Freedoms of Passover.

Take a few minutes to prepare some answers to these questions and share the challenge with people at your seder.

The holiday is a gift! Unwrap the present and unlock the Passover potential!

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Wishing you a happy holiday,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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