Join the Four Day Journey to Freedom in anticipation of Passover, with Rabbi Daniel Cohen: Friday, April 11 – Monday, April 14


We are about to embark on the journey of Passover. The aisles in the supermarkets are teeming with matza and other special foods reminding us of the impending festival.

The first night is this coming Monday.

What is the deeper message of the holiday?

On one level, we eat unleavened bread to commemorate the exodus from Egypt 3300 years ago but how do we fulfill the imperative to re-experience the redemption in 2013? Thank G-d, many people live in “free” countries so what is the relevancy of becoming “free” today? Join me on the four day journey to Freedom to explore the “better you” and unlock the transformative potential of Passover.

If you have any questions related to the upcoming holiday, please stay in touch.

Wishing you and your families a happy and healthy Passover,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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