The Four Questions of Purim

What are the four questions of Purim?

How can we grow from the 24 hour experience?

The four traditions of Purim signify four dimensions of development.

The Reading of the Book of Esther – The miracle of Purim represents our belief in the hidden hand of G-d in our lives. How can we “see” the presence of the Almighty every day?

The Mitzvah of Gifts to the Poor – Amalek attacked the weak and disabled of our nation. How can we be more proactive in caring for the vulnerable members of our community?

The Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot – Haman describes the Jewish people as a divided people. On Purim, we fortify our unity as a nation. What commitment can we make to realize our vision of one people with one heart?

The Purim Feast – We eat to celebrate our victory. We drink to life. How can our daily meals be sources of blessing and inspiration?

This Purim, let us explore the four questions. Ask them on Saturday night, share them with your friends..

G-d willing, if we answer them with purpose and passion, we will transform the 24 hour Purim celebration into a springboard for a more spiritual life.

Wishing you a Happy Purim,

Rabbi Daniel Cohen

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