Bless the Tree

How do you bless a Tree? The Talmud contains the answer.

A man was traveling through a desert. He was tired, thirsty and hungry. Suddenly he sees a date-palm in the distance. He finds it growing by a spring of fresh, cool water. The wanderer ate of the tree’s ripe fruit, refreshed himself with clear water, and sat down to rest under the tree’s shade. When he was about to continue his journey, he turned to the tree and said: “O Tree, O Tree! How can I thank you and what shall I bless you with? Shall I wish you to produce good fruit? – It cannot be more delicious than it is! Shall I wish you that your shade be pleasant? – It could not be more pleasant than it is! Shall I wish you that a spring of fresh water should nourish your roots? – You already have it, too! So, I will wish you that all your offspring that are planted should grow into trees like you!”

Are we leading lives worthy of emulation by our children? How are we insuring that our values ignite the next generation?

Spend some time writing an ethical will and share your message with your children or grandchildren. What two concrete steps can we take to embody our blessings and invest in the next generation?

Let us celebrate Tu B’Shvat by planting the seeds for our future.

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