Welcome Home for the Holidays

Thank you for participating in Forty Days to a Better You! When the Jews stood at Mount Sinai 2,300 years ago, we lived as one people with one heart. There were no denominational labels to create division but a common commitment to be a source of blessing and Divine light to the world. The Torah is our road map for finding our life mission and for maximizing our potential every day. Whether you are affiliated or unaffiliated, young or old, you are an indispensable part of our nation. On the holidays, no Jew should be without a service to attend or a home for a meal. If you would like to reconnect with your Jewish family, please email me at [email protected] and I will find a place for you.

G-d willing, we will launch new version of the 40 days website prior to all of the Jewish holidays during the year. Together, we will renew our bond with G-d, ourselves and the nation of Israel.

Stay in touch and live life to its fullest every day of your life!

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